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Juremi Group offers policy development and advisory services to the Government for effective policies & strategies 

About Juremi Government Solutions

At Juremi Group, our vision is to be a leading global conglomerate that excels in various industries, making a positive impact on society and setting new standards of excellence. We aspire to be recognized as an innovative and socially responsible organization that consistently delivers outstanding quality and value to our clients and stakeholders.

Supply of Police Fleet

The decision by Juremi Group to supply an electric car fleet to the Nigerian police is a significant step towards sustainable and eco-friendly law enforcement. By transitioning to electric vehicles, the Nigerian police force can reduce their carbon footprint, lower operating costs through decreased fuel consumption, and showcase acommitment to modern technology. This move could also inspire other organizations and government bodies to consider cleaner transportation options, ultimately contributing to a greener future for the country.

Supply of UMT

Juremi Group aims to supply urban mass buses to assist the government in the transport sector to address urban congestion, promote environmental sustainability through eco-friendly buses, enhance public mobility, foster government partnerships, stimulate economic growth, fulfill social responsibility objectives, and meet market demand for improved public transportation. This initiative benefits both the company and the community by providing efficient and sustainable mobility solutions.

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